Friday, May 6, 2011

Bloons Tower Defense 4

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New BTD4 update! Play our brand new free track “Lollipops”, a super fun beginner’s track with crazy fun colours.

We’ve also updated BTD4 fast forward mode to work as a toggle so you don’t have to hold down the mouse any more. We can all agree this was long overdue!

Source # 2

Bloons Tower Defense 4

Are you a big fan of strategy? Looking for a fun game to keep you entertained during your coffee break? Do you just happen to hate balloons? Those are all good reasons you may want to try Bloons Tower Defense 4, and if you played any of the previous games in this series you’ll feel right at home. As you may know, this title is all about strategically placing your offensive monkeys (and various other weapons) so you can pop all the evil ballons before they can traverse a pre-set path and reach the goal. Weird? Definitely. Engaging? You bet. This flash game is as addicting as they come! Here’s the Bloons Tower Defense 4 Walkthrough for Track 1 if you need a little help

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